Wisdom found in a fortune cookie- Self Awareness

It is amazing where you find wisdom. A recent take-out from our favorite Chinese restaurant, I found this nugget in my fortune cookie. “Greatest fool of all is the man who fools himself.” Entrepreneurs and executives are often times guilty of this. The entrepreneur believes his/her idea cannot fail. No matter what the data states, the product can make it with more hours and more money. Sometimes, you have to realize it’s time to pivot or shut the doors.

For the executive, it is believing that he/she is God. Their word is the only word…the final word. They choose to believe only in themselves, and do not put the right people around them (who speak truth). JD Rockefeller stated his secret to success, “I surrounded myself with people smarter than me.” He was no fool.

Keep people around you (friends, mentors, coaches and board members) who speak truth.

Wisdom found in a fortune cookie- Self Awareness | Rootloud

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