Who is shopping at the grocery store?

In times of change, you may be required to change. It may require you to change your products and service offering. Why? You customer’s needs probably changed.

When you go to the grocery store and more people are shopping for their customers versus people shopping for their own groceries, it’s weird. Change requires many of us to re-innovate existing services and products or put this on the rear shelf (should things get better). The grocery store chain had to re-identify and re-train employees to meet their customer’s needs. What will you have to do to keep your revenue above expenses or can you scale in this new environment. No matter what, Design Thinking is a great tool to help you navigate these waters. Why? Because Design Thinking starts with the customer. If you can’t identify and meet your customer’s needs, you might as well pack it up. Watch the video to learn more.

Who is shopping at the grocery store? | RootloudClick the image to watch the video

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