How To Weather The Storms Of Life

If you have ever spent significant time in a boat, you most likely have been caught in a storm where your boat was tossed around like a pair of worn jeans in a washing machine. If you have been there, it is surely not your happy place. It has definitely happened to me and my family and if there is one thing you don’t want, it is to put your family in jeopardy.

When you do encounter such an event, you generally move quickly to prepare for the worst, putting on a life jacket. You then make sure everyone is in the safest position and last, you look for the quickest, safest route out of the storm. Once you exit the storm to reach shelter or safety, there is big sense of relief. If you’re me, you look up to the heavens and give a big ole’ thanks to God.

Life, not just boats, can toss us back and forth as well. There are unexpected accidents and circumstances that rock our world. When this happens, where do you find your life jacket or shelter? Like being on the water, you need to have an exit plan when events happen, and they certainly will. There is no discrimination, as life throws curve balls at all of us.

The Bible has a verse to address this area. It states that “we will no longer be tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind.” (Eph. 4) So what is the wind the writer is talking about? It specifically addresses these two areas:

– Wrong ideas being taught or pumped into your brain

– People who are cunning and crafty and desire to fool you

In the verse prior to this, he states that for us to be prepared to handle these storms, we need to become mature. Mature in what? Mature in knowledge and understanding. Specifically, the writer is stating that Jesus gave gifts to certain leaders in the church (not just actual pastors) and these people are to teach and train us to be prepared in life. They mentor us for life. He uses the term that we are to be “fully mature, fully developed.” When we are two things happen: This training and wisdom gained will help us identify those Ideas and people that lead us into a storms.

With all that, I’d like to recommend we put ourselves under leaders of honor and truth who are able to teach us, mentor us and challenge us to go deeper in our understanding of life (and the teachings of Jesus). Once we have a solid foundation, we are more apt to shy away from storms in life. However, when we can’t avoid the storm, we at least have been equipped to weather it. Too many of us are gaining wisdom from what we learn in our bad experiences. I’d like to personally grow in knowledge and wisdom, apart from bad experiences, so my life is more full and enjoyable. In the end, I think we all want that. Let’s not stand still and begin interviewing those people who can equip us to live life more abundantly.

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