Tired of firing sales reps and missing sales opportunities? Look to the brain for answers

If you are a frustrated CEO or head of sales and having that painful discussions about missing your revenue targets, well it is your fault. You were fooled at the interview. Let me clarify, I too have been in that situation before. I used to joke that I fired more sales reps than I hired. But all of that changed for me about six years ago.

In dire frustration, I came to realize that my hiring of sales people was predicated on my opinion or observation of a person. I did not think about a person’s wiring. Good sales people don’t become good, or even great, by skills training. Good and great sales people are wired to sell.

When I launched my second tech venture, I had a person (way smarter than me with credentials after his name) talk to me about how we are wired. I learned that talent was God-given abilities and skills were learned. In that, I came to realize that I could teach a salesperson about products and services, but I could not teach them to sell. Selling had to be hard-wired into their DNA.

How can you know if someone is wired to sale? Thankfully, there are neuroscience measuring assessments that measure innate human wiring. These assessments enable you to know how a person is wired. A great read that echoes this is Alive at Work: The Neuroscience of Helping Your People Love What They Do by Daniel Cable. Using such assessments can bring harmony within your organization. The solution is a set of small redesigns (tweaks) to bring your company into harmony with your true selves.

When we look to work with a company’s business development team, we begin with assessing. In that, we determine which of the four sales categories he/she falls into. Once we know this, we can see if the outcome of the assessment aligns to their job description and desired outcomes. If they don’t align, we work with management to align this person to the appropriate position or redesign their role. The 4 sales types we align to are:

  • Transactional
  • Relational
  • Closers
  • Consultants

The assessments range from $80 to $200 per assessment for low-volume companies. It may be worth spending $320 to $800 when you narrow your selection to four salespeople and assess each one.

The 3 benefits of using neuroscience assessments:

  1. Hiring business development and knowing their true wiring. Where they fit in the 4 types.
  2. Reducing turnover
  3. When you can’t find that right person

Understanding how people are wired better aligns them in positions, creates enhanced idea flow, improves communicationproductivity and decision making. Would this not help the business development team, as well as, every other department of your company?

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