Is your technology enabling you to scale?

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”
– John Maeda

Could better design and better data help you multiply your efforts?

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Cloud/SaaS Technologies

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Information Management

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Data Analytics

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Learning Systems

Do you desire to multiply the efforts of your teams & processes?

Who got caught with their pants down during the pandemic? The companies trying to exist with old architecture and outdated processes. Let’s face it. We both know that SaaS-based/cloud-based technologies enable you to operate more efficiently and scale.

Do you want transaction and results? We are experienced in harnessing the power of design, SaaS, data, modern technology and data security to ensure your success. When you are using the right tools, aligned to your process, your company’s uniqueness can shine in the marketplace. 

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Growth by design

Our SaaS design enables you to scale autoMAGICally

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Technology aligned to your processes

Have you ever licensed technology that didn’t align to your processes? You immediately lost productivity. We see it all the time…the promises made that can’t be kept. We help ensure that technology you are building or buying enables you to scale. If you’re investing in technology, the main reason is to improve results.

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  • Technology Design & Consulting
  • Security Design & Consulting
  • Web & Intranet Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Application Integration (CRM & ERP)
  • App Design
  • Custom Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Corporate Learning & LMS
SaaS application design & integration include:
Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Learning Management (LMS), Performance Appraisal, Point of Sale (POS), Enterprise Resource (ERP) and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
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Do you detest bad design like we do?

Anyone who’s tried navigating a poorly marked hospital wing, a cluttered website or a seemingly endless phone tree can appreciate the value of designing systems and products with the user in mind. 

Our design is driven to ensure your technology and products will…

  • Align to the customer’s needs
  • Be simple and intuitive
  • Be easy to manage and maintain
  • Deliver value that can be measured
  • Multiply your internal efforts 
  • Deliver financial results 
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Contact us about delivering an onsite Design Thinking Workshop for bringing a new product or service to market or re-designing a product or services to meet your customer’s current needs.

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Future proof your business

Moving to the cloud and improving data security is no longer trendy—it’s essential for existence and scale. We help you get on board with cloud and SaaS design so you can operate more efficiently, reduce IT overhead, get close up with your data and easily grow and scale your business. The process of getting from onsite to the cloud can seem daunting, but don’t worry…that’s why we are here.

SaaS Development, coupled with data security, will future proof your business.

Get intimate with your data

The sheer amount and variety of existing and new data generated by your systems and processes today are unprecedented. As this growth continues, so do the opportunities for your to use this data to make decisions that matter. Our team helps you identify and capture the most value and meaningful insights from data and turn this into competitive advantages.

Imagine a business where each of us are...
inspired each day to use our talents & skills
seeking to find the right solutions together
Working in alignment toward the same goals
Celebrating our wins as a team.

At the end of the day, we return home fulfilled.