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Discover how you embrace innovation to drive new value for your organization

Disruption is occurring all around us in many areas. Data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and IoT is evolving at breakneck speed. Today’s leaders are rarely equipped to understand the implications of the advancements, so they need the right people around them to shed light as to using technology and data effectively or how this advancement might cripple their business.

More leaders are worried about the speed of change, rather than keeping pace. Rootloud comes alongside business leaders and technology teams to help them see potential implications for their business. While each company’s strategy for how to take advantage of advancements will vary, we analyze your organization’s ability to integrate new technologies and data tools to outpace competitors and scale.

Areas Of Service

  • Data analytics, AI and machine learning
  • Technology road mapping for growth and efficiency
  • Talent Development learning, assessment and performance platforms
  • Build versus buy technology analysis
Tech & Data | Rootloud

Innovating to Scale

Innovation is not easy but required. Mitch Smith, President of Rootloud, delivers this edited keynote on the 2 key areas of innovation to scale your organization. This keynote was delivered to the Telecom Association in Florida.