Want engaged teams that collaborate and deliver results?

“The leader who gets the most our of their people are the leaders who care most about their people. .”
– Simon Sinek

Are your teams aligned, balanced and delivering value?

Remote working has caused us to make significant changes in our polices to nurture our culture

We will continue to build/implement digital collaboration and communication tools

We will downsize our office space, allowing more employees to work remotely

KPMG CEO Report 2020

8 Keys to Talent Optimization

  • Defined Culture,
  • Engaged Employees,
  • Collaboration,
  • Transparency,
  • Trust,
  • Effective Hiring,
  • People Development &
  • Emotional Intelligent Leaders
Talent Optimization | Rootloud
Talent Optimization | Rootloud

Healthy companies outperform consistently

Companies are realizing the business benefits of high employee engagement and more heavily investing in the programs and technology to measure and improve it.  Company execs are realizing that when their company has high engagement and culture, they excel in meeting customer expectations and in delivering financial results. 

While culture and engagement are two unique areas to monitor, the approach to how you measure workplace culture and employee engagement is different. Companies can easily measure employee engagement, but measuring workplace culture requires analysis of numerous inputs (e.g., pulse surveys, productivity metrics, marketplace reputation).  Let’s discuss what tools and assessments you can use to ensure your company is healthy.

Simply put... no one likes a bad manager. You don't, your employees don't and we don't. Bad managers hinder the growth of people and organizations.

At some point in your career, you experienced the joy of being part of an amazing team and having an amazing leader. In these moments, you have trust, you collaborate and you know that what you are doing matters.

So, how do you design a winning team? How do you scale that design across the company so productivity soars and your culture thrives?

There is no such thing as a perfect employee, a perfect team, a perfect manager or a perfect company, but there are a few things that bring out the best in everyone. To be a great manager, you must learn when it’s time to step in to coach, train and discipline. There are key skills that need to be learned and constantly refined. When you manage each team member individually, you maximize their strengths and learn how to fill in for their weaker areas.

Empowering managers to be great leaders

We believe in empowering managers to take control of their individual development, their destiny. To support ongoing professional growth in a variety of skills and competencies, managers can access Rootloud’s online e-learning library, as well as, the opportunity to attend live, instructor-led training sessions offered throughout the year.


15, 30-minute e-courses for your entire company for $4997/year


  • Management
  • Becoming a Manager
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Selection & Interviewing
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Change Management
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Conflict Management
  • Positive Discipline
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • Managing in a Crisis
  • Stress Management

Human Resource Compliance

  • Sexual Harassment- Managers
  • Cultural Awareness- Managers
  • Sexual Harassment- Employees
  • Cultural Awareness- Employees

Why? Because 60% of managers never receive formal development and HR lacks the resources, time and budget.

Talent Optimization | Rootloud
Talent Optimization | Rootloud


Coaching is one of the most powerful leadership tools. Building a coaching habit will help you regain focus so you and your team can do the work that has real impact and so you can direct your time, energy and resources to solving the challenges that make a difference. Learn to effectively use these 7 questions to get to the heart of the matter – What’s on your mind? And what else? What’s the real challenge here for you? What do you want? How can I help? If you say ‘yes’, then what are you saying ‘no’ to? What was most useful or valuable here for you? 

Imagine a business where each of us are...
inspired each day to use our talents & skills
seeking to find the right solutions together
Working in alignment toward the same goals
Celebrating our wins as a team.

At the end of the day, we return home fulfilled.