Successfully Navigating In and Out of a Crisis (HTML course)

Many organizations are versed at Change Management. Change occurs constantly in today’s ever-changing environment. However, Crisis Management is not as known, rarely needed and rarely used. We tend to see crisis arise about every 7 to 10 years, and for this reason, it is not analyzed. 

What’s the core difference? Pressure. Here is what happens…

Change Management- Pressure is internal. It presses out from within and can force employees or teams to move outward, losing touch with the team, purpose, vision, etc. 

Crisis Management- Pressure is external. It presses inward, and teams generally react by coming together to get through it. However, over time, the pressure can begin to press outward as the crisis lingers. We see this evident after 4+ weeks in lockdown in America. 

This e-course (or Podcast) and PDF are aimed to help you and your teams see the difference and take note of what is required to successfully navigate in and out of a crisis. We hope this free resource is beneficial to you and your teams.

Mitch Smith, Founder of Rootloud

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