Our services were designed to bolster an innovative culture, technology utilization, developed leaders and improve company performance. We benchmark leaders, innovation and technology across your landscape and help you lead in this competitive landscape. To bring results, we help leaders gain a new vision for the future and and spawn innovation.

Rootloud Services

We provide Growth By Design

Initial Consultation

Executive Consultation

To ensure we are a true fit for each other, lets have an open conversation before we commit to anything. We'll discuss your company goals, key leadership, technology needs and 3 year objectives.


Assessment, development & coaching

We guide executives to a higher self-awareness, deeper understanding of technology, developing key leaders (not managers) and improved performance. 

Strategy & Design Thinking

Design Thinking

If you never ask questions, you'll never get to the right answers. We are certified and utilize Stanford University's Design Thinking to validate where you are and where you desire to go. By using design thinking, you make decisions based on what future customers really want instead of relying only on historical data or making risky bets based on instinct instead of evidence.

Process Improvements & Technology Design

Technology Design & Process

We marry our performance consulting approach with in-depth expertise to provide with a pragmatic technology strategy and consulting services. We work closely with high-tech and high-growth clients who have high expectations to deploy technology quickly and effectively. Stop working with groups that don't align your technologies to your processes. 

Scaling & Growing The Business

Scaling Opportunities

We know that in today's market, people, process and technology are inseparable. To fuel your growth, these three must be aligned. We desire to fuel your growth with earnings, not outside capital or debt. We have a proven methodology that improves results and increases your opportunity for success.

Finances & Capital Raises

Finances & Capital Raises

Executives face restless pressure to stay ahead of the game and pivot at just the right time. Our experienced team will help you gain insight to improved financials, preparing for capital raises, exits, transition of company assets to family members and achieving compliance.

Rootloud Approach

We listen, evaluate goals, guide with right questions, infuse ideas and celebrate success.