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Have Nothing To Hide

People have grown weary of surprises in the workplace. If we want a workplace that truly operates at maximum efficiency, we must by eliminate the unknowns that creep into every decision made. When we do not remove surprises, our greatest assets look out for themselves and not their team or company. When trust is removed, …

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Surround Yourself

J.D. Rockefeller said his secret to success was simple, “he surrounded himself with people smarter than he was.” Of course, J.D. was a very smart man and in no way was he a dummy. What he meant was he surrounded himself with people who knew more than him in those areas where he was weakest. …

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Ever Question The Problem?

You have had employees, or team members, bring problems to your attention. You have two real options at that moment: Take the issue on or equip the employee to become a real problem-solver using some basic techniques. If a quarterback throws two interceptions back-to-back, who is the first person to greet him walking to the …

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Are CEOs Being Held Captive By Technology?

It is evident that it takes more than new processes and constant re-engineering to sustain a business in today’s competitive and ever-changing environment. Each year we see new processes and technologies emerging promising improved results, but is embracing these new tools really giving businesses a unique competitive advantage? Are these “improved” tools leading to sustainable …

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5 Steps To Diffusing Conflict

How often do you find yourself being brought into some heated discussion or improbable situation? It is not a matter of ‘if’ you will, but ‘when’ you will. Life has issues. Conflicts occur in our work environments, homes, neighborhoods, places of worship and even sporting events. These situations generally have intense emotion, and not managing …

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