Operational Leader Development

You operate in one of the fastest moving, ever-changing industries. With that, you need the indispensable elements of a leader to elevate your team and grow.

"Leaders are not responsible for the results.
Leaders are responsible for the people
who are responsible for the results."
-Simon Sinek

Operational Leader Development & Certificate Program

Do you desire to Grow, while Inspiring, Motivating, Influencing, and Building Top-Performing Teams. We help you develop your skills to gain a competitive advantage and  eliminate the bottlenecks holding you back. Our training and coaching elevates your critical thinking, skills, decision-making, strategy and execution. In the end, you will be able to flourish in times of change and foster innovation.

Our Operational Technology Leader Program  develops your core skills and equips you with the confidence to lead your organization to success. We deliver real-life application (not theoretical BS) and MBA-level practices, to speed your development. deliver our part, but you have to take action and execute.

Your managers desire an in-depth, transformational program, and we make it convenient.
Operational Leaders | Rootloud

Designed for:

  • High potential leaders
  • 0-5 years experience 
  • New managers to include Frontline Managers up to Director Level Manager
  • Manager areas covered include- IT, Operational , Financial, Marketing, Customer Support and Human Resource

How it works:

  • Course Length: 8 weeks
  • Duration: 12 months of access to content
  • Class Size: 20
  • Effort/week: Instruction- 1 hour + Coaching- 30 minutes/week for 8 weeks
  • Format: 100% online course, workshops & coaching
  • Model: Self-paced and Instructor-led
  • Accountability: Every element is tracked and scored
  • Reporting: All activities tracked and recorded
“Before you become a leaders, success is all about growing yourself.
After you become a leader, success is about growing others.”
– Jack Welch

CEO, Mitch Smith, addressing the SouthEast Telecom Executive Conference on Leadership & Innovation. 

Operational Leaders | Rootloud

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Recommended reading: The Coaching Habit. Why? Leaders need to learn that once they begin leading others, being a coach (versus a boss) will better develop individuals and increase their performance.

Operational Leaders | Rootloud

Recommended reading: The Clock Tower. Why? Leaders need a framework around organizational, operational and people leadership in order to make right decisions and be effective.