Do your desired customers know you? When they discuss their problem, do they think of you as the solution?

“If your solution and messaging are not addressing the prospect’s real problem, you’ll never see them as a client.”
-Donald Miller, author of Storybrand

What we do better than anyone...
Ensure a successful launch

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Product Launch Roadmap
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Launch | Rootloud

Our customers come to us to

  • Create the right digital solution that enables their prospects to see them as “the solution.”
  • Bring an idea to market and make it a successful business
  • Re-innovate a current solution, due to changing markets, to meet the client’s needs today
  • Create transformational learning for internal and external audiences

Struggling to make an idea into real business? Our clients find our Design Thinking Workshop the best starting point because we start with the problem, ideate solutions and create a prototype to validate. Once validated, we turn this into a MVP (minimum viable product) to launch, develop grow.

Internally launched & transacted 4 tech firms
Pinneast, Acadia, YoMoxie & Servant
Designed over 100+ customer software tools & apps, for internal & external use
Implemented 276 corporate, K-12 & college Learning Management Systems
Guided 80+ companies in product, service or company launches
Integrated to or with 240+ SaaS/ERP Applications
Designed over 100 digital marketing & ecommerce sites
(Millions) Dollars Raised for our Internal Launches

The blueprint for lauching a new product, service or company

Launch | Rootloud

You saw a need in the market, and you can’t quit thinking about it. You’ve researched it, analyzed it and got it off the ground…but just barely. It’s go time. 

But even now, you’re still at Point A. What you want to know is, how do you get to Point B? In other words, how do you run a successful product launch to make sure that your million-dollar idea actually makes that million dollars?

Fortunately, we’ve got everything you need right here. When you become a client, we are going to guide you through the Product Launch Blueprint to launch your product successfully. In this workbook, we provide you with the following 10 key elements to a successful launch.

Here is what we cover:

  1. Identifying your customer’s real pain
  2. Who is your customer (your avatar)?
  3. What transformation occurs when they use your product or service?
  4. How to carefully and simply word your messaging to target their pain and need for your product or service?
  5. How to select the right marketing method/channel and paid advertising.
  6. How to create product launch funnels emails to build a list of prospects to turn into customers
  7. Creating transactional offers
  8. Creating new products based on comments and surveys
  9. Building a team (consultants to employees) to help you execute
  10. How to keep them coming back for more


Helping a pharma company stand out

Launch | Rootloud

E-detailing is an effective customer engagement tool to  enable the effective transfer of information to healthcare professionals (HCPs).

In essence, e-detailing digitizes sales and marketing content into a consumable environment for any device. This interactive engagement ensures that presentations are trackable, providing data to help you better meet HCP needs in serving patients.

This approach can be effective to product companies in many verticals. The data collected identifies key opportunities and can be easily moved to the CRM and data tools.

Innocutis Pharmaceutical desired to market and educate doctors on a new product offering. Via the Rootloud Design Thinking Workshop, we identified that doctors had more time after hours for digital engagement. We identified we had 5 minutes to engage them before they would exit. In these precious 5 minutes, we needed to transfer information and capture key information.


    1. Gain insights to their  practice type, number of patients the prescription could help and the current prescriptions used.
    2. Determine which practices needed to be physically visited first, based on volume opportunities.
    3. Transfer key information on trials that built trust and validated the product.

We determined the e-detailing approach would generate the best results. To encourage participation, we awarded $25 Amazon gift cards to the first 1,000 physicians completing the program. The marketing program was a success and the data captured was fed to the CRM, giving practice insights to the sales reps.