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People have grown weary of surprises in the workplace. If we want a workplace that truly operates at maximum efficiency, we must by eliminate the unknowns that creep into every decision made. When we do not remove surprises, our greatest assets look out for themselves and not their team or company. When trust is removed, people remove themselves from their workplace.

Winston Churchill is one of my heroes. There is a story of him making a visit to the White House to convince Roosevelt to join them against the Nazis. After a long day of meetings, Churchill’s norm was to retire to a good hot bath, cigar, book and drink (Yes, at the same time). Roosevelt feeling he still had something to share with Churchill knocked on his door, which was not shut all the way. The door opened slightly, and he had a direct view to the bathroom with Churchill in a warm bubble bath. Roosevelt was speechless, but Churchill rose with a cigar in one hand, drink in the other and bubbles sliding down his torso stating, “Mr. Roosevelt, I have nothing to hide.”

Transparency is one of the greatest leadership traits. It leads to success. When we are transparent, we recognize our strengths and don’t fear our weaknesses. One of Churchill’s greatest quotes gives clarity to this thought. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count.” When we are willing to be transparent, we bleed trust.

The key benefits of transparency are very visible. First Break All the Rules validates the following. You will see…

  1. Deeper relationships are established. (You want your teams hanging together.)
  2. A unique ability to assemble cohesive teams.
  3. Problems come forward and are solved faster.
  4. Higher levels of performance.

When an organization’s leadership lacks trust, they fear failure. However, when they are transparent, they evoke trust. Are you transparent? Does your team trust you? The best report to your “Trust Level” is simple…do you have an ever-revolving door at your workplace? If you do, you’ll pay a heavy price to replace some great people that you invested in and who build lasting relationships that benefit your organization.

It is clear (pun intended) that transparency and honesty benefit the team immensely. You desire to reach the top and yield significance to your environment. Be a Churchill, inspire others and instill hope by being genuine in your endeavors.

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