Guardrails & Hedges

Investors like you invest in more than companies: You invest in people. The people you bet on are executive management team members of companies with great ideas and great opportunities. In this investment, you recognize the risk. But what if you could hedge your investment by providing a proven executive to coach, mentor, and give clear guidance to the management team you just bet on?

We understand both your desires in the investment, and the management team you invested in. At Rootloud, we have spun off five technology companies and raised over $8 million in investment capital. We understand the need for stewarding the money invested, while giving a great return. Thankfully, we have been successful in each transaction.

We have also invested in companies, too. We look for opportunities in the market and invest in great leaders. While we don't change the culture of the organization, we do give guidance. We all recognize that much can happen between board meetings.

From these experiences, we created “guardrails” and “hedges.” We provide guardrails in the business to ensure the executive team stays on track and doesn’t crash. We provide hedges to keep the executive team focused on things that matter while keeping their eyes away from distractions. Weekly, we remind them to stay focused on their health, family, employees, business, and the investors with the following:

- The foundation, building trust among all parties,
- Executive coaching,
- Focused strategy/KPIs,
- Leadership development,
- Improved performance & identifying bottlenecks, and
- Stewardship of resources


Guardrails and hedges is how your organization provides the team you invested in with more than just money to help them win. We are the coach looking to get the most out of your team and coach them to this win. To learn more, contact Mitch Smith today at 843-264-7090..