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Time and location are considerations that have always figured in any environment around knowledge transfer and growth of an individual or organization. Designing a method to manage time and location eases the process of exchange between learners and instructors. There is a need to identify the best time for instruction and well-timed interaction between instructors and learners in a manner that recognizes differing types of learning styles, prior content knowledge and overall learning ability.

Geographic distances between the instructor and client create a barrier for many live engagements, especially those who are juggling lives as spouses and parents, in their quest for a well-balanced life. Our unconscious use of social tools is upsetting both the learner’s ability to focus and the methods by which they want to acquire knowledge. Traditional training methods and many well-known training organizations, unfortunately, have lost their luster.

The reality is fact- clients are becoming more complex in their learning acquisition. Many clients fail to look forward to see an oncoming need of training because they feel, thanks to tools like Google, they can just get it when they need it. For the majority (under the age of 30), the internet has zapped that forward-thinking approach to learning after college. Instead, they look for rapid interaction and almost instantaneous knowledge access to grow and develop.

For these reasons, organizations like Rootloud are faced with the question: How could our current and future clients gain a quality learning experience that marries time and space considerations with the almost limitless access to knowledge and appeal of the instant access?

Webinars and On-Demand Coaching

Webinars, live and recorded, are fast proving to be the reality of today. Mirror that with on-demand coaching by experienced and training professional coaches (those with CPC credentials), you will see unleashed content with guided direction growing the individuals and teams. The webinars can unleash bridled knowledge of subject experts or experienced leaders, enabling them to inspire learners, anywhere in the world. The need to provide content with multiple access points and multiple time slots is imperative in today’s marketplace. Coupling the content acquisitions, with structured guidance in coaching, will raise the level that mere workshops and seminars cannot attain. Rootloud seeks to create healthy, engaging learning environments between instructors and clients via this approach.

At certain times, clients are required to login and interact with real-time lectures and content. We look for engagement and a safe place to share ideas/solutions. For the client who is forced to miss a live session due to an anniversary, dance recital or ball game, recorded webinars are uploaded for the client’s access on his/her own time. This becomes valuable tool for both initial knowledge gathering and future access when an actual event sparks the need for re-educating one’s self. The ability to organize content for specific client access is another key aspect for this approach.


Training and coaching organizations, like Rootloud, can vastly drive bottom-line benefits to your organization because we provide experts and content during the best opportunities for learning and knowledge exchange. Webinars simulate while coaching percolates the knowledge gained. Is there any better invention for boosting leaders and business development teams who are hampered with time and space limitations?

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