Do you want to be the one others imitate?

Do you want to be the one others imitate? | RootloudThey say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Do others desire to be like your company? Do others desire to imitate your leadership?

In 2019, a growing economy. coupled with low unemployment, impacted the growth and performance of many organizations. An election in 2020 will have even a greater impact and in general, larger companies slow spending until the outcome of the election is settled. Can that happen in this economy? I am not sure it can.

Companies can ill afford to pull back on the reins, as they have in the past presidential elections. With that, companies will continue to operate BAU (business as usual), but these companies need to reflect on those things that inhibited their growth and performance in 2019. With little change on the horizon, these 7 will continue to plague organizations. As you’ll see, most issues were caused by an executive team being coached properly. When we are forced to see the consequences of our not executing, then (and only then) do many execute.

This is my role for many of my clients…helping leaders see the consequences of not executing, when it is necessary. It is like giving the executive team a mirror and crystal ball.

  • Selection & development of employees – In the current market, you can not afford to select the wrong person and not develop those you hired.
  • Not willing to make the tough, timely decisions – Leaders must have the courage to move when they recognize the cancers within their organization, and they must move swiftly.
  • Making promises you can’t keep – Your character depends on your ability to deliver on your promises. Your customers and team members are watching and if they see you are not, they’ll leave you (eventually).
  • Alignment – If your teams are not aligned to you and the corporate mission, you will not achieve your goals. They must be using your playbook, not their’s.
  • Getting in the way of your high potential leaders – It is called micromanaging. You hate it, I hate it, and they hate it.
  • Bogged down on details – You have to equip your team to deal with the details so you can lead and develop them. Don’t let the processes bog you down.
  • Clarification on direction – The #1 issue we heard in 2019 was the inability for the leader to give clear direction to teams that aligned to the corporate goals and mission.

Want to be the one others desire to imitate? Let’s talk about how Rootloud can help.

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