Today's organizations and investment groups invest in two key areas to scale their companies- People and Technology. We know the impact the right leadership, coupled with the right tools, can have on the growth of the organization. What if you could boost this investment?

We offer two distinct services to impact leadership and technology within the organization.

Technology Investment Analysis- We recognize there is a lot crap technology in the market today. They all tout themselves as the next great thing. At Rootloud, we fully evaluate the technology, technology team, and the market opportunities. We help filter out the junk and ensure your team is looking at a quality team and scalable product with clear market opportunities. We call the service Foresight. To learn more about our technology team and offerings, go to mycarabiner.com

Executive Guidance- Rootloud is either engaged by an investment group, board or CEO to infuse leadership and guidance-based coaching (when and where needed) to younger executive teams. We have seen great ideas and teams with energy fall apart during the growth phase. It is our goal to enable these young executives to find success, which ultimately drives your success. We bring experience, wisdom and guidance to each engagement. We call the program Guardrails.

For all, it is simply stewarding the gifts and resources entrusted to leadership. It is from our own experiences we created these offerings. Our key areas of focus include:

- Building trust among all parties
- Identifying clear, focused strategy and KPIs
- Developing the leadership
- Validating technology
- Improving performance and reducing bottlenecks
- Validating market potential
- Fostering responsible stewardship of resources


Foresight and Guardrails are services that enable your organization to scale and drive home real value. To learn more, contact us today at 843-264-7090.