Why Plans Fail

We tend to over complicate business and life. When we do, we allow things to creep in and takeover reason. There is a proverb in scripture that says, “Plans fail for a lack of counsel, but many advisors, they succeed.” Who are you seeking guidance from? Are you seeking advisors, consultants or coaches in your

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2 Types of Innovation you must consider to scale

Today’s competition, innovations and technologies, like AI and cloud computing, are making your product lifecycles shorten. In roughly have the time as you may imagine, your margins are wiped away and your products are commoditized. How to do avoid this disruption? You innovate. There are two innovation types you must consider in order to grow

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An Innovative Culture is key to your ongoing success. The innovation that launched you must be duplicated continually.

Companies are facing competition from every angle. Competition is generally visible from our known competitors, however, the unknown competitor, a disruptor, is lurking. Innovation and competition are impacting legacy products. Products and services are becoming commoditized, coupled with shrinking margins, faster than ever before. If companies don’t innovate and put the right people in place, they will cease to

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Why plans fail

Rhett Miller’s song, Singular Girl, has a line that says, “talking to you is like long division.” Charles Mingus states, “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” Why do we over analyze situations? Why do we make the simple complicated? In general, business is a simple concept (and so

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Outsourcing- Avoiding Your PR Nightmare

While on vacation in Hawaii, the “Boeing outsourced for $9/hour” news keeps popping up on news feeds and social media platforms. I wanted to share some insights on how to avoid your very own PR nightmare based on my own software development and working with over 500 companies over 25 years. Selecting the right partner

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