Is your check company light on?

If there is one thing that gets your attention, it is when the check engine light comes on. There are a myriad of things that could be wrong, but quickly getting to the real issue is of importance. If not, other areas may be impacted, costing more money to fix. Because of the changes we’ve

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Have you ever taken a different route to work or home? Have you ever ridden a bike trail in the opposite direction than you normally do? Well I did, and it gave me a new perspective. I saw things I had not seen before. In this time of change and uncertainty, maybe taking a different

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Growing effective leaders from within

As a leader in your organization, it is imperative that you develop your new to mid-level leaders to be successfully for themselves, their team and your organization. Research shows 60% of companies fail to provide formal development and 72% state that they didn’t do enough for succession planning due to growth, promotions or terminations. If

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The Guide to Developing Managers & Improving Employee Engagement

In my 27 years, I have worked with over 570 companies. Regretfully, only a small percentage allowed me to get a glimpse of what successful companies look like. I think Jim Collins found this to be the case when he went on his exhaustive research for his many books like Good to Great.  Great companies

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