Wisdom found in a fortune cookie- Self Awareness

It is amazing where you find wisdom. A recent take-out from our favorite Chinese restaurant, I found this nugget in my fortune cookie. “Greatest fool of all is the man who fools himself.” Entrepreneurs and executives are often times guilty of this. The entrepreneur believes his/her idea cannot fail. No matter what the data states,

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Who is shopping at the grocery store?

In times of change, you may be required to change. It may require you to change your products and service offering. Why? You customer’s needs probably changed. When you go to the grocery store and more people are shopping for their customers versus people shopping for their own groceries, it’s weird. Change requires many of

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Is your check company light on?

If there is one thing that gets your attention, it is when the check engine light comes on. There are a myriad of things that could be wrong, but quickly getting to the real issue is of importance. If not, other areas may be impacted, costing more money to fix. Because of the changes we’ve

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Have you ever taken a different route to work or home? Have you ever ridden a bike trail in the opposite direction than you normally do? Well I did, and it gave me a new perspective. I saw things I had not seen before. In this time of change and uncertainty, maybe taking a different

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