Do you have ‘mushrooms’ in your business?

Mushrooms in your yard is an indication of healthy soil. It’s a good thing. Do you have visible signs in our businesses to give you an indication of when things are healthy, unhealthy or just plain stagnant. This video gives you some ideas to consider. Click the image below to watch.

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Want to know what you customers want to buy today? Try an Online Focus Group Survey and Win! A few years back, I listened to homeschooling moms ask other homeschooling moms about what curriculum to buy for their children. The questions I heard them asking were the same ones my wife and I asked, and

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Wisdom found in a fortune cookie- Self Awareness

It is amazing where you find wisdom. A recent take-out from our favorite Chinese restaurant, I found this nugget in my fortune cookie. “Greatest fool of all is the man who fools himself.” Entrepreneurs and executives are often times guilty of this. The entrepreneur believes his/her idea cannot fail. No matter what the data states,

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Who is shopping at the grocery store?

In times of change, you may be required to change. It may require you to change your products and service offering. Why? You customer’s needs probably changed. When you go to the grocery store and more people are shopping for their customers versus people shopping for their own groceries, it’s weird. Change requires many of

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