2 foundational elements required when making timely decisions with Big Data

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Sailing is one of my hobbies in life. When sailing in Charleston harbor, it requires quick decision-making, honed skills and clear communication to those on board. If you don’t make the right decision, a collision may occur. If you don’t communicate, the boom may knock someone off the boat. One of my longtime sailing teachers trained me to make decisions … Read More

4 Ways to Avoid Culture Leak

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Does your company have culture leak? If yes, then you need to erect some guardrails. For many entrepreneurs, your startup has now grown up some. Your baby is now making movement in the industry, and you are having to add staff. Does your company’s culture still have that certain spirit about it? If not, you may have culture leak. Culture … Read More

When Not to be an Executive

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Are you finding a team member not in line with your direction and objectives? It’s like trying to turn a mule. You pull on the reins and off they go in a different direction. You may think this team member is stubborn as an ass, but it’s not the brain, it’s the heart. The heart of the problem is just … Read More