Are you on a path to mastery or merely happy with ok?

Are you on a path to mastery in what you do? Or, are you satisfied with OK? What is one thing you can do to get rid of that stench emitting from stagnant results. How can breakthroughs become possible in both life and business? If you are looking for different results going forward, you have to take a different approach. How do you journey through the myriad of options before you in making more right decisions?

In a study to improve outcomes led by Diane E. Lewis, the respondents identified their reasons for hiring executive coaches. Their reasons included improved problem solving to accelerating the learning curve for high-potential or recently promoted executives. The top results included the following:

  • Development of leadership skills for high-potential individuals (86%).
  • To improve the odds of success for newly promoted senior executives. (64%).
  • To correct behavioral problems at the management level (70%).
  • To help executives resolve interpersonal conflicts among employees and spouses (59%).

Could a new, trusted relationship in your life be a great place to start? With a mentor or executive coach, they can maximize your performance over time. Virtually all elite achievers, to include executives, athletes, actors, and pastors, have coaches. Commit to achieving extraordinary results, and an executive coach will assist you in making it happen. Keep in mind that executive coaches are not walking beside you to make your decisions. Instead, they are asking “right” questions to move your thinking toward outcomes aligned to your goals and core focus. When looking for such a person, look for an experienced person, like a former CEO, who has walked in your shoes and has empathy for your situation. In the words of Job in scripture, “With the elders is wisdom and the length of days understanding.”

The Commitment

Rootloud’s executive coaching is for a minimum of six months up to one year, with renewable 6-month options. We work with you to identify and prioritize goals, create an action plan, and require full transparency. We realize trust is key to success, and trust will take time. We meet for, at minimum, 4 hours together each month at a chosen location. We engage in weekly calls to get status updates on goals and pressing issues.

We utilize a client questionnaire to gain understanding of the current situation, as well as, encourage each executive (or executive team) to complete a 360-degree assessment. We do expect each executive to take the Myers-Briggs and Strength Finders.

We are responsible for working with each executive to complete a plan, implement, and provide proper follow-up. We walk beside you, an advisor where all things are confidential, to lend support when addressing strategic needs and opportunities of the organization and those personal.  When you say “yes” to something, we’ll be sure to help you say “no” to something else.

For a free, 30-minute discussion to see if we are a fit to work together, simply contact us.

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