An Innovative Culture is key to your ongoing success. The innovation that launched you must be duplicated continually.

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Companies are facing competition from every angle. Competition is generally visible from our known competitors, however, the unknown competitor, a disruptor, is lurking. Innovation and competition are impacting legacy products. Products and services are becoming commoditized, coupled with shrinking margins, faster than ever before. If companies don’t innovate and put the right people in place, they will cease to exist.

In this edited keynote address to telecom executives, I share the reasons for innovating and the 2 types of innovation that should be considered to grow/sustain revenues and keep your company ahead of the competition. By creating an Innovative Culture, you can compete, scale and win.

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  • 4 keys to building a successful plan to compete
  • 2 types of innovation to drive new revenue
  • Disruption challenges we face today
  • 14 key areas to address within your company
  • 2 of the best books on innovation for existing companies
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Mitch Smith

Mitch Smith is the executive's trusted advisor on technology, strategy, performance improvement, and selecting the right talent. He is a serial technology entrepreneur from Charleston, and has successfully launched five technology firms over 24 years. He is an author and sought-after speaker. He and his wife of 22 years enjoy the outdoors with their three children.

Mitch, and his companies, have served over 570 organizations that include: Aflac, Chick-fil-A, Bose, Cardinal Logistics, Comporium, Darden Restaurants, Dave Ramsey, Genentech, HP, Hobby Lobby, Home Telcom, Jabil, Milliken, Nokia, Southeastern Freight, VF Corporation, and many more.
Mitch Smith
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