Success Breeds Success

This site is about you and your needs, but I understand that for you to take the first step, you need to have some level of trust. It is not about our success. It is about your success. We simply bring our best, into your arena, in order to help you perform at your highest level.

Our 500+ clients include

Startups, expert entrepreneurs, non-profits and enterprise businesses. They include Aflac, Bloomin Brands, Bose, Cardinal Logistics, Certica, Chick-fil-A, Cipher Pharma, Comporium, Darden Restaurants, Dow, Genentech, Grifols, Hobby Lobby, Home Telcom, HP, Leader Development Inc, Regulator Marine, Southeastern Freight, STEM Premier, Veracyte, XINNIX, and many more.

Our solutions include

SaaS and enterprise base learning management systems, online performance appraisals, online applicant tracking, 360 degree assessments, content authoring tools, education assessment platforms, student information systems, HR integrated, education application integration, ecommerce platforms, corporate financial health tools,  data analytics and dashboard reporting.

Founded by Mitch Smith to incubate new ideas, create new technologies and help executives drive innovation. Since 1994, our companies have…

  • Incubated and launched 4 successful technology companies
  • Created one of the first SaaS-based LMS, Performance Appraisal and Online Applicant Tracking Applications (AcadiaHCS now Snagajobs)
  • Created an online assessment platform assessing public school district students in 7 states annually and awarded a top technology in public education (2019 Cool Tool Award)
  • Successfully raised $18M
  • Created 8 technologies in human resources, education, corporate learning and fintech
  • Implemented 300+ corporate and expert universities
  • Developed over 1,000 (delivering over 5,000) e-learning courses
  • Consulted to more than 500 customers across the globe in 9 countries.
  • Worked with individual experts, associations, non-profits, K-12, higher education and corporations across the world.

Our companies launched and transacted include

  • Pinneast sold to Celexx
  • AcadiaHCS sold to Croft & Bender now Snagajobs
  • YoMoxie sold to HL Investments
  • Dew Learning assets by HL Investments

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