About Rootloud

For 24 years, we have helped growth companies execute value-creating strategies and deploy technology to optimize operations and efficiency. We marry performance consulting with in-depth technology expertise to provide customized solutions, objective technology strategy, and consulting services. We work closely with clients who have a desire to scale with improved processes, new technologies, and an experienced leadership team that is competent and demonstrates character. Our technology and business model innovation shapes the growth of a company’s core business. Whether you are a market leader or market stagnant, we provide know-how and fuel to your business that looks to improve bottom-line results. In 2016, we launched a new executive coaching service to executives who desire to scale their operations and put the right leadership in place.

To date, we have served over 550 organizations, implemented 280 enterprise solutions, and designed more than 30 unique SaaS and mobile platforms for clients.

Our Founder

Mitch Smith is a serial entrepreneur from Charleston, South Carolina. He built his first million-dollar business at the age of 24 with a $100,000 loan from the bank. Since then, he has launched four successful million-dollar companies, transacting each four.

In 1999, with a $400,000 investment by his mentors, he created one of the industry's leading human capital solutions technology platforms, which served mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies across North America. He sold it eight years later to an investment group where it was renamed PeopleMatter.

While taking a year sabbatical to reflect on life's real meaning and refocus his purpose, Mitch wrote the book JUNK.

At the end of his sabbatical, Mitch identified a unique opportunity in education. He organized focus groups in his home with parents to create a prototype for selecting curriculum that assessed teaching and learning skills. The day after his first pitch for capital, the group approached him to acquire the intellectual capital rather than invest in the company. He sold.

In 2012, he created a mobile platform to solve key compliance and communication problems within the pharmaceutical industry. That year, his youngest daughter approached him about putting her curriculum on the iPad platform for her and her friends. Within six months, they would raise over $8 million for a new online, mobile curriculum platform to create a K-8 curriculum.

In 2018, Mitch is serving investment groups, business owners and technology executives to expand their vision and grow successful, profitable businesses. He has also launched Carabiner, his sixth technology startup that is focused on blockchain technology in logistics, healthcare, and commerce.