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"Mitch cuts a path through the clutter and shows us how to clean up, and throw out, the junk that is holding us back."
- Dave Ramsey

You want to get to the top and stay there.
You know that you can't do it alone.

"Mitch cuts a path through the clutter and shows us how to clean up, and throw out, the junk that is holding us back."
- Dave Ramsey

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Our Approach

At Rootloud, we focus on enhancing your company’s business performance. We provide a blended set of solutions and services aimed at improving your organization’s bottom line, while transforming it into a successful entity. In most engagements, we begin by assessing your situation and then move on to either strategy or coaching. Next, we determine if long-term mentoring, training, or consulting will help you achieve your ultimate goals. Although we incorporate technology in many of our engagements, we view it merely as a tool to help solidify your processes or remove bottlenecks.


Successfully Build Your Business

Live Your Dream And Make An Impact

Mitch personally spends time with you to enable you have a successful launch or turn your stagnant company into a market leader with the following.


Focused Strategy


Marketing & Sales


Engaged Teams


Proven Leadership


Technology Consulting


Purposeful Lifestyle

80% of entrepreneurs fail
50% of employees quit due to bad managers

- Gallup


We can change all this with our expert guidance, coaching, and training.

Take A Look At Our Success

Who have we served? Quite a few.

Dave Ramsey
"Mitch cuts a path through the clutter and shows us how to clean up, and throw out, the junk that is holding us back."
- Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey & Co.
Marna Killian
"Mitch is a pleasure to work with, he is professional and personable. He is a value-add for us as a growing company. I highly recommend."
- Marna Killian
Erich Renken
"I've personally watched Mitch turn nothing into something multiple times. Granted, this didn't happen overnight, but he is a testament to what is the American dream of bootstrapping a business."
- Erich Renken
United Educators
Krista Rice
"Mitch is a wonderful “idea man” and someone who brings what you need when needed. He has been a resource to me for years."
- Krista Rice
Keith Groce
"Mitch consistently brings new, innovative and fresh ideas to every situation. I value and respect his entrepreneurial, creative spirit. He is dedicated to his co-workers, always mindful of the customer."
- Keith Groce
Neighborhood Focus
Jon Walker
"Mitch is a man of integrity who's handshake is his bond, a throwback to a gentler day in business. I consider him a valuable colleague in the world of performance."
- Jon Walker
Dow Chemical
Darden Restaurants
Southeastern Freight Lines

Our Secret Sauce...

Identifying And Multiplying Your Secret Sauce

Our secret sauce is the energy and know-how to fuel opportunities and growth within you and your company, while removing the junk that holds you back. Mitch, our founder, personally invests time with his clients' leaders, bringing focus on strategy, people improvement, operational performance, purposeful technologies, faith-based principles and successful moves with sales & marketing.

From four successful tech startups, Mitch recognized having a focused strategy, the right people, and quality mentors or coaches significantly increased his own opportunity for success. Now, with more than 500 successful client engagements, Mitch has personally recognized why his best clients were the best. So who does Mitch choose to imitate in business? Of the 500 engagements, he recommends Chick-fil-A, Joe Gibbs Racing, Southeastern Freight, and Dave Ramsey.

Today, Mitch chooses to work only with business leaders who prioritize their life well or who desire to shape their priorities. If you long to use your success to better your family, those around you, and those in need, Mitch can help you find an approach that is unique to you, reignites your purpose, and enables you to find financial success.

Using business success to help others-Mitch and his family fund Dalit children programs in India.
Using business success to help others-Mitch and his family fund Dalit children programs in India.
Mitch and family bringing Christmas to a girl's orphanage in Guatemala.
Mitch and family bringing Christmas to a girl's orphanage in Guatemala.

We know that helping you reach your potential- thru your passions & God-appointed purpose- brings the internal satisfaction and external rewards.

On A Personal Note

Mitch & AshleyHi, my name is Mitch Smith and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed. My mission and purpose in business is to empower those who want to change their life and the world for the better with the vision and gifts they were given. If you are only about you, I am not the guy for you. If you only desire to get rich, and not to have a positive influence on the lives of others, I am also not the guy for you. However, if you long to leave a positive change in the world but need help shaping your vision or company, give me a call today.

I’ve always believed the greatest achievement each of us can strive for in life is to improve the world around us, so that others benefit as you reach your dreams. Growing up on a farm in rural South Carolina, I learned to work hard from my dad, who was a paper mill mechanic, and my mom, who stayed at home. I’ve carried that tenacity through my adulthood, and while I continue to work hard, I have also learned how to work smarter.

If you’re an entrepreneur or running a company with little to no growth, I have the knowledge and experience to help you unleash your abilities, while making a positive impact on your family and the lives of others. My approach puts life in this order: faith, family, business, and others. Business is key to providing for each of these, and having a solid belief system can enable you to reach your goals with total peace and joy.

Our team is small and focused on specific areas in strategy, leadership, improved performance, and successful use of technology. We are a team of experienced and innovative people who share an insatiable desire to create fans for our clients through passion, purpose, prayer, and a solid work ethic. This passion to serve our clients has enabled us to build experiences for the leaders of today's best brands. We serve you in order to replicate ourselves.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to use our unique gifts, knowledge, and experience to bolster the skills of entrepreneurs, so that they may achieve their goals in life and business, as well as leave a positive impact in their community.

Our Core Values

Integrity – Speak truth
Innovation – Not afraid of failure and not a fan of repeating failures
Excellence – Striving to be better each day
Customer Service – Go the extra mile for customers, because they are our business
Relationships – Value others and share our successes
Stewardship – Manage the resources entrusted to us and give back

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