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Our Approach

Our clients detest missing their targets. Our Solution Blueprinting helps them gain clarity and direction, so they can grow. Our clients use us as a sounding board, a thinking partner, and trusted advisor in the area of sales, leadership, technology, and performance improvement so they stay focused on the horizon.

We equip leaders with a framework to make the right decisions when evaluating their surroundings and key data. You can lean on 24 years of experience and 550+ engagements to bring pragmatic and analytical solutions to your problems.


Adding value, ensuring success

A framework for success

In today's marketplace, people, process, and technology are inseparably linked. Our experience is in equipping leaders with a framework to manage today's environment. The emerging landscape can be difficult for even the most savvy leaders, so you need a trusted source to speak truth.


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Design Thinking/Strategy


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Performance Improvement


Team Development

"There is no need to fail
when you have access to a proven guide."

- Mitch Smith, Rootloud CEO with 5 successful tech startups

Who have we served? Quite a few.

Dave Ramsey
"Mitch cuts a path through the clutter and shows us how to clean up, and throw out, the junk that is holding us back."
- Dave Ramsey
Marna Killian
"We needed a plan to execute a company-wide technology platform with integration. We found our solution in Rootloud."
- Marna Killian
Erich Renken
"Turning an idea into reality is never easy, until I met Rootloud."
- Erich Renken
Krista Rice
"We needed creative ideas to our solutions. We had unique needs. Rootloud's Design Thinking Session was key to our success."
- Krista Rice
Keith Groce
"As a leader, I needed to equip our leaders to me our organization's goals. Leader development and assessments were key to success."
- Keith Groce
Jon Walker
"We needed a 3-year strategic plan, with defined processes, for our global technology integration."
- Jon Walker
Darden Restaurants
Southeastern Freight Lines

Our Secret Sauce...

Identifying And Multiplying Your Secret Sauce

Our secret sauce is the energy and know-how to fuel growth within you and your company. We personally invest time with senior leadership, bringing focus.

Rootloud chooses to work with business leaders who are focused on moving ideas forward in order to impact their organization's bottomline, which impacts their people and their community.

Using business success to help others-Mitch and his family fund Dalit children programs in India.
Using success to help others: Smith family funding Dalit education in India.

Our vision- To be a disruptive, innovative company that enhances our client's success in the market.

On A Personal Note

Mitch & AshleyI am Mitch Smith, founder of Rootloud, and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed. Many executives come to me with concerns about their companies. If you are struggling to achieve your goals, I'll be your guide.

I am a South Carolina farm boy that brings truth and a pragmatic approach to business. I have learned how to work smarter with priorities that blend business competence, character, and my faith.

If you are failing, there is no need to. Get in touch with me and I'll bring everything I have, plus a great network, to the table to turn things around.

Our Mission

Guide our client's to success so they can be heroes in life and business.

Our Core Values

Integrity – Speak truth
Innovation – Do not be afraid of failure; do not repeat failures
Excellence – Striving to be better each day
Customer Service – Go the extra mile for customers, because they are our business
Relationships – Value others and share our successes
Stewardship – Manage the resources entrusted to us and give back

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Rootloud is based in Travel + Leisure magazine’s Best City in the World: Charleston, South Carolina. Let us host your next leadership event or strategy session. We'll take care of you and your leadership with the best restaurants, tours, and carriage rides, all from the most charming city in America.

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