There are problems to be solved.
Need Guidance to the solution?

Need to bring an idea to market?
Need to reposition a product for today's needs?
Does your marketing speak directly to your client's problem?
Can you manage all of this alone?

The reality is our life and businesses may not ever go back to normal. The emerging landscape can be difficult for even the most savvy. 

The philosophical questions we tend to hear are… 

  1. How we can know what is and what should be?
  2. What should be working and how can it be better?
  3. What we ought to do or what should we do?

Can your products and services continue to serve your client’s needs? Do your shoulders hurt from carrying the weight of the organization? Which of the following relates to your current situation?

Launching Ideas for Today's Problems | Rootloud
  • Difficulty in getting an idea to market?
  • Products not selling like they used to? Need to innovate?
  • Could a design thinking session help you?
Launching Ideas for Today's Problems | Rootloud
  • Your messaging not connecting with your audience?
  • Are you speaking to their problems or merely vomiting up your benefits?
  • Wasting money? Need a new strategy… a new plan?
Launching Ideas for Today's Problems | Rootloud
  • Are your leaders improving performance or hindering your growth?
  • Free beer didn’t work. How can we better engage teams & boost morale.
  • Have you assessed & aligned for better results?


We know one thing for sure…
no one feels it more than you do.
Launching Ideas for Today's Problems | Rootloud

Less failure, more success

Launching Ideas for Today's Problems | Rootloud

Success occurs with
It’s about taking the opportunities and eliminating bottlenecks
hindering your potential.

Do you need to fix that leak in your company?

“Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vehicles is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.”
-Warren Buffett

We keep it simple

desk, work, laptop
1. Schedule time with us via the links/Calendly
Launching Ideas for Today's Problems | Rootloud
2. Design a plan & guide each step
Launching Ideas for Today's Problems | Rootloud
3. Launch and measure your success


  • Revealed strengths & opportunities
  • Elimination of blind spots and blockers
  • Improved critical & strategic thinking
  • Distilled innovative thinking
  • Minimum Viable Product or Company Launch Plan
  • Assess & align leaders to perform
  • Written, measurable, achievable goals


We had a tight budget to build a new technology that now delivers assessments to public schools in 7 states. They listened, designed and delivered within budget.
C. Hollar, TE21
When we are looking at new ideas or companies, they are a go-to. We've worked with them for years, and they help the leaders within our portfolio of companies.
J. Barnes, Comporium
When we need new ideas and approaches, we turn to Rootloud. They have a unique ability to find better ways for us to accomplish our goals of serving our clients.
K. Rice, Bloomin Brands
We needed an innovative, creative approach to manager our team globally. They have been a great partner of mine for years, at multiple companies.
M. McGinnis, Bose
I knew I needed guidance and accountability as a leader in my organization. They assessed my talents, spent hours over coffee and guided me to success.
T. Merritt, SouthState
Design thinking was what we needed, even though we didn't know it. They have been key to our company's innovation and development of new products.
H. Gardner, VF
Launching Ideas for Today's Problems | Rootloud
Launching Ideas for Today's Problems | Rootloud
This image inspires me to keep trying, even when I fall/fail.

Hi, I’m Mitch Smith, and I thank you for dropping by. You are probably asking yourself, “What can I get from Mitch and Rootloud?” First, I am passionate about launching ideas and people to reach their potential, and I happen to be the founder of Rootloud.

Why could I (and our team) possibly help? I have stood in your shoes…needing to create a new idea and product to go to market. At the age of 27,  in a miserable job, I resigned and took out a $100k line of credit and launched my first tech firm. In the last 26 years, I found success when I found my purpose and utilized by talents. Key in my success was putting the right people around me (employees, board members and partners). I want my experience and success to launch your success. 

  • Successfully launched/transacted 4 tech firms, plus Rootloud
  • Former M&A Director for a publicly-held company
  • Consulted to more than 600 companies
  • Launched 60+ products and 20+ companies
  • Certified in Design Thinking 

As you’ll see in the testimonies, we commit fully to helping you achieve your goals. If you want an experienced, trusted consultant to guide you, then select any icon to get on our calendar.

Imagine a business where each of us are...
inspired each day to use our talents & skills
seeking to find the right solutions together
Working in alignment toward the same goals
Celebrating our wins as a team.

At the end of the day, we return home fulfilled.

Launching Ideas for Today's Problems | Rootloud

If you haven't noticed, our goal is to refine and sharpen you. If you are currently seeking a team to guide you in these unusual times, then you are at the right place. You just need to take the next step. Let's talk and see if working together can benefit you

Mitch D. Smith, Founder of Rootloud